What's new at GeoComputing

GeoComputing.co.uk is always trying to add new fun, exciting and useful pages. To make life easier for you, below are some of the most recent pages:

Logic Keyboard: If you're interested in sets or logic, and want to use the associated symbols when writing documents on an Android device, this app is for you. It includes two keyboards full of useful logic symbols for use with AnySoftKeyboard.

Virtual Reality Viewer: This page is a demo of a virtual reality model viewer written using Processing. You can walk or fly around the scene making it very useful if you fancy a stroll and can't because it's raining outside.

Mobile Apps 1990s style: Sometimes it's easy to forget that mobile apps aren't a new phenomenon. In fact they've been around for decades. To celebrate that fact, here's a nostalgic trip back to Psion 3 Series apps from the 1990s.

App store: This site now has an app store page, where you can find all the Android apps published by GeoComputing.co.uk and follow links to download them.

Anaglyph scene: If you like creating 3D models using Processing, why not go one step further by creating more immersive models using anaglyphs. This page shows you how to create anaglyph output using Processings P3D library and simple combination of left and right eye images.

Cube 3D for WebGL: If you have a WebGL enabled browser maybe you'd like to see what a 3D rotating cube looks like running on a HTML5 canvas under processing.js? If so, this page shows just that and provides a quick example of how to do 3D web-based graphics. However, it won't work on non-WebGL browsers :(