Electromagnetic Probe Modelling

This applet is a prototype for modelling an electromagnetic testing probe, such as used in Time-Domain Reflectometry, over a frequency range of 10MHz to 2GHz. Currently it is not fully tested and so provided here only as a technology demonstration. To control it, you can click on any of the blue text items (they change to yellow when the mouse is over them), and the frequency can be fine-tuned using the keyboard up and down buttons. This allows adjustment of the frequency, changing of the material the probe is immersed in, display of total voltage or in/out voltages, and making the probe rotate to see it's 3D construction. The 'Sweep S11' control initiates a sweep and graphs the real part of the S11 scattering parameter (i.e. the reflection coefficient) over the above frequency range, simulating data from a calibrated vector network analyser with a 50ohm port and cable. Some controls will do nothing during a sweep: open/short, material and sweep.

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