Robotics Pages

Robots are probably among the most exciting projects that you can undertake using computers, electronics and microcontrollers. So, why not consider building your own robot to explore the world around you? Here you will find our robot project pages to help get you started in the world of robotics.

MicroMouse 2010: MicroMouse is an annual extravaganza of robot competitions, for all ages and abilities. Here's a brief rundown on the 2010 event held at Millennium Point in Birmingham UK.

Micro servo modding: Servos can make excellent drive systems for robots, but first they need to be modified to allow continuous rotation. With micro servos especially, that can be a very fiddly job. Therefore, this page tries to demystify micro servo modding so you can try it yourself.

MiniBot: If you read the page on micro servo modding you might be wondering what to do with your newly modified servos. Well, how about making a mini light following robot, just like MiniBot described on this page?

Robot Motor Control: Arduino's can be excellent brains for robots, but how do you make them mobile? The usual way is to use a controller board to interface the Arduino to the robot's motors, which can be quite daunting for beginners. Therefore, this page gives a brief overview of using an L298 motor controller kit with an Arduino Mega.