Processing Projects

Processing is an excellent language for learning programming and even for intermediate and advanced programmers. Below are some Processing projects that you may find interesting:

Anaglyph scene: If you like creating 3D models using Processing, why not go one step further by creating more immersive models using anaglyphs. This page shows you how to create anaglyph output using Processings P3D library and simple combination of left and right eye images.

An introduction to SolRevs: Solids of revolution are an easy way to create some quite exciting 3D objects in Processing. What are they, and what can they do? This introduction answers those questions giving a brief intro and an example applet.

Electromagnetic probe modelling: Processing is not only fun, it can be used for some serious numerical modelling too. This applet models an electromagnetic testing probe, providing a 3D graphical representation of the voltage distribution along the probe when immersed in a variety of materials.

FizzPop applet: An introduction to 2D graphics and animation in Processing. This project, with source code, was written for the FizzPop Processing beginners evening held in May 2010.

Java GUI applet in Processing: Did you know that you can include native Java code and controls in Processing, and use them to create an applet for your website? In this article we do just that and create an applet to calculate radio wave velocities, from apparent permittivity values, as an example.

Sail the 3D virtual seas: Processing is excellent for creating interactive 3D graphics. In this article we create a 3D seascape applet, complete with rolling waves and bouys, on which to sail a small boat.

Virtual Puppet: A virtual puppet written using Processing and controlled by an Arduino with sensors attached.

Virtual Puppet Applet: A virtual puppet written using Processing for exporting as a Java applet that you can use on a web page.

Virtual Reality Viewer: This page is a demo of a virtual reality model viewer written using Processing. You can walk or fly around the scene making it very useful if you fancy a stroll and can't because it's raining outside.

WiiMote Sailing: If you have a WiiMote and want to use it to control graphics in your own Processing code, this page is for you. It takes the 3D sailing code and changes the controls so everything works using the WiiMote accelerometer and buttons.