Positioning and GPS Projects

These days everyone seems to be using satnav and other GPS devices but, if you're really interested in developing your own GPS projects then one day you're likely to want to know how to use it in your own software. So, here are some interesting projects that can help you get GPS fixes into your programs and even log GPS data to Keyhole Markup Language (KML) for viewing in Google Maps and Earth:

QtGPS: If you want to use the GPS device on your Nokia N810, or want to learn Python and PyQt development, then this program may be of use to you. As well as simply displaying your location, QtGPS can save waypoints, and log tracks, to KML files for later viewing in Google Maps and Earth on your PC.

KML Tracker PPC: Being able to track your movements with GPS, and then being able to view the track in Google Maps or Earth, can be very useful. However, writing a program to do it might seem dauntingly difficult. Here we demonstrate just how easy it can be using NS Basic on a Pocket PC.