Virtual Reality Viewer


About this applet: This Java Applet is part of a project I'm working on to allow creation and exploration of virtual reality (VR) scenes. It's a demo of the model viewing component and is written using the Processing programming language. I'll be updating it from time to time, particularly as I add things like improved HUD (Heads Up Display) graphics and suchlike. You can move around the scene, even fly if you prefer, and all of the instructions you'll need are below.

Mouse instructions: The green lines over the scene show you where different mouse functions are located. The boxes those lines form around the scene can be used to move forwards and backwards, or to turn to the left or right. The box in the middle is split in two, the top half causing you to look up, and the bottom half to look down. If you don't want the lines drawn over the scene, they can be turned off using the keyboard commands below.

Keyboard instructions: Firstly, if you find the keyboard commands don't work, please click on the scene with your mouse to ensure it has keyboard focus. Your arrow keys allow you to move backwards and forwards, as well as turn left and right. The q and a keys let you look up and down. The o and l keys let you rise up into the air and lower back to ground level. The w key allows you to toggle between wireframe and solid models, so you can inspect the elements making up the scene if you wish. Also, the h key allows you to turn off or on the lines drawn over the scene to mark mouse function locations.

The applet on this page is copyright 2011 Andrew Thomas and all rights are reserved.