MicroMouse 2010

If you're into robots then the place to have been on Saturday 26th June 2010 was Millennium Point in Birmingham UK. There, the annual robotics extravaganza known as MicroMouse took place. MicroMouse is a whole day of robot competitions enjoyed by people of all ages and robot construction skills. The competitions included Sumo-Bots battling for supremacy in their 'dohyo', line-followers, drag racers, mini-robot-war-bots, contact maze followers and non-contact maze followers. You can see the 'maze room' in Figure 1.

Maze traversing robots at MicroMouse 2010.

Figure 1. The maze room at MicroMouse 2010.

As well as being fun, MicroMouse provided an insight into just how ingenious the UK robot building community can be. It was an exciting and inspiring event to attend, and definitely something you should consider attending next time (keep an eye on the MicroMouse website to find out when). And if you're up for it, why not even enter your own robot for MicroMouse 2011?

Special congratulations go to Stephen for winning the junior line follower competition with his very first, home built, robot! Also, there were many other excellent robots including Chris's Meccano Spykee inspired sumo-bot shown twirling artistically in Figure 2. Given the fun had by all, both robot building and competing, it's true to say no robot or robot builder went away a loser. So, if you haven't tried it, why not give MicroMouse a go next time?

A twirling SumoBot at MicroMouse 2010.

Figure 2. A twirling SumoBot at MicroMouse 2010.