Your IP Address

Your IP (Internet Protocol) address is very important: without it your computer can't talk to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or retrieve websites and emails. You can think of it the same way you think of your house address or telephone number, as a way for other people to contact you.

You are probably used to using URLs (Uniform Resource Locators), such as, to access the web. When you use one, it is translated into an IP address by a name server. That IP address is what's used to access the website, so the URL is really just a way of accessing the internet using friendly site names.

Your IP address is currently:

IP addresses can be either static or dynamic. Most websites have static addresses so, like your house number, they are unlikely to change. However, ISPs usually haven't enough IP addresses to give a static one to all of their subscribers. Therefore, they provide a new one each time a user connects. These IP addresses can be completely different each time the user connects, so are known as dynamic.

You will probably be connected to the internet using a dynamic IP address. So, why not visit this page occasionally to see how, or if, it varies?