Welcome to the world of computing for geosciences!

If you're interested in earth sciences, whether for serious study or part-time interest, computers are an increasingly important tool to use. They can be used, for instance, to gather data, process it, and provide sophisticated visualisations as images or even animations. Learning to make the most of computers can therefore be very important, and so the Geo-Computing website is here to provide resources to do just that in a fun and practical way.

Computers come in a variety of forms. Obviously we all have laptop and desktop computers that are capable of highly sophisticated graphics, even almost real-time photo realistic rendering of three-dimensional scenes. These, of course, are the central tools for storing, processing and visualising data, but what of the very small, less sophisticated, microcontrollers? Microcontrollers, such as the Arduino, may be tiny compared to other computers, but nonetheless they allow simple interfacing of sensors that allow data to be gathered for later use on a larger computer. Also, there are now many quite sophisticated handheld computers, such as the Pocket PC, iPhone and Android devices. These may be a power compromise compared to a laptop, but can provide very portable systems for communicating with sensors, providing initial visualisation, and storing data in the field.

With all of these computing options available to you, together with the power of the World Wide Web, studying earth sciences can be a thrilling experience if you have the necessary skills. For that reason, Geo-Computing intends to provide interesting, useful and fun projects and information to allow anyone interested in this exciting subject to make use of microcontrollers, handheld devices and sophisticated computers for earth science studies. Therefore, on this website you will find many pages of relevance to geo-computing, from articles on academic topics to fun projects intended to allow you to enjoy learning subjects such as 3D data visualisation that you can apply to a wide range of projects important to you.