We live in a fast changing world where having portable internet access is almost a necessity. However, good as mobile browsers are, viewing on an Android phone, or iPhone, isn't as fun as it could be. There's just too much pinching, zooming and scrolling involved! So, to remove those obstacles, you can now find most of the content of on its mobile version, GeoPhone, shown in Figure 1. It's styled to fit easily onto your mobile device's screen, and is easy to navigate with just a single finger. Best of all, GeoPhone should work on most up-to-date mobile browsers, including Android phones, iPhones and iPod touches.

The GeoPhone website, as you would see it on an iPhone.

Figure 1. GeoPhone on an iPod Touch.

GeoPhone will be updated with as much of the content of as is possible, and already has many pages from the main site styled for your mobile screen. Obviously things like Java applets won't be there, because of browser limitations, but you can always visit the main website to get to them. Using GeoPhone on your mobile device should be quite simple, and you can get to it by going to the web address below. If you're reading this page on your mobile device, simply click the address, but be warned that it may look rather odd if you click it from a desktop browser!