Image galleries

A single picture can say a thousand words about the world we live in, from a tiny hidden feature to a sweeping landscape. Here you will find a directory of the GeoComputing image galleries for your enjoyment.

Brum Trail 2010: If you missed the 2010 Birmingham Floral Trail, or want to see how it looks as Autumn sets in, this gallery will show you all sixteen wonderful displays.

Flowers: What would the world be like without the beauty of flowers adding colour to our lives? Flowers come in many varieties, and here you can find just a few wonderful examples to enjoy.

Insects: To some people insects are beautiful creatures, and to others they are repulsive. Whatever your opinion, insects form a large proportion of the bio-diversity of our planet and are a fascinating topic to study. So, here we present some close-up photos of some beautiful bugs.

Infra-red: Infra-red photos are a wonderful way of illustrating our environments, quite literally, in a different light. Here you can find some examples of scenes photographed using an infra-red filter.

Scenic views: Sometimes, when leading our busy lives, it's easy to forget just how many beautiful places are to be found in the United Kingdom. Lest we do forget, here are some photos of just a few of those places.