Miscellaneous Projects and Articles

In this section you'll find all the general articles that don't fit into other sections, together with articles for beginners to computing and earth sciences. Basically, if it doesn't fit in another section you'll find it here.

GeoPhone: Would you like to browse GeoComputing on a mobile device, but wish it was smaller to fit on a phone screen. Well, wish no more: GeoGraph is a mobile device optimised version of this website for easy mobile browsing.

MicroMouse 2010: MicroMouse is an annual extravaganza of robot competitions, for all ages and abilities. Here's a brief rundown on the 2010 event held at Millennium Point in Birmingham UK.

Mobile Apps 1990s style: Sometimes it's easy to forget that mobile apps aren't a new phenomenon. In fact they've been around for decades. To celebrate that fact, here's a nostalgic trip back to Psion 3 Series apps from the 1990s.

Your IP address: If you've ever wondered what an IP address is, or want to know what yours currently is, here's a short introduction for beginners.