Arduino Projects

Arduinos are simple yet powerful microcontrollers (mini computers on a single chip). They allow you to control motors, servos, and many other things, as well as simplifying the interfacing of sensors to your computer. Here are some Arduino projects to tell you more:

Arduino Accelerometer: Would you like to measure vibrations, or motion gestures for VR and gaming? If so, here's a simple Arduino accelerometer project, with selectable sensitivity, that can do that and more. The data can be obtained via USB to graph in a spreadsheet, or via Bluetooth into a Pocket PC program.

Arduino High Speed A2D: Sometimes it's necessary to push the limits of an Arduino by sampling analog sensors at the fastest speed possible. The question is, just how fast is that? In this project we try to find out.

Arduino Magnetometer: Magnetometers are excellent devices for measuring the strength of magnetic fields, but are also expensive. To learn a bit more about magnetometers (or just for detecting metal) here we present a simple Arduino circuit to take advantage of the two magnetometer channels in an inexpensive compass module. The data can either be imported into a spreadsheet, or gathered and viewed using the Pocket PC software included here.

MiniBot: If you read the page on micro servo modding you might be wondering what to do with your newly modified servos. Well, how about making a mini light following robot, just like MiniBot described on this page?

Robot Motor Control: Arduino's can be excellent brains for robots, but how do you make them mobile? The usual way is to use a controller board to interface the Arduino to the robot's motors, which can be quite daunting for beginners. Therefore, this page gives a brief overview of using an L298 motor controller kit with an Arduino Mega.

Servo dial guage: Analog dial guages can give a nice retro look to projects, but why not go one step further and make your own using an Arduino and a servo. On this page are some tips on how to do just that.

Virtual Puppet: A virtual puppet written using Processing and controlled by an Arduino with sensors attached.