GeoComputing App Store

Almost everyone these days uses apps on their mobile devices and smartphones. As one manufacturer says, there's an app for whatever you want to do. So, below you'll find the Android apps published by to help make sure you really can do whatever you need to do.

BHSEM: In the geophysics section you may have seen the article about the history of soil electromagnetics. If so, you may like to try this free Android eBook version to read anytime and offline. It even includes text to speech so you can use it like an audiobook too.

Diabolimaze Demo: If you like retro-style maze games, especially with lots of bombs, bangs and transporters, this could be a fun free Android game for you. You can play the first three levels absolutely free, although please note you need a WVGA Android tablet with OS2.1+ to play this game.

Guitar Practice: Do you enjoy playing the guitar, or perhaps you're learning to play? If so, this Android app may be just up your street as it allows you to practice or learn guitar playing when away from your real instrument.

Guitar Practice Lite: This is the free version of Guitar Practice, with a single guitar to play. It allows you to try before you buy and is ideal if you don't want all of the features of the full version.

Logic Keyboard: If you're interested in sets or logic, and want to use the associated symbols when writing documents on an Android device, this app is for you. It includes two keyboards full of useful logic symbols for use with AnySoftKeyboard.

ProCon: If you've looked in the Processing category you'll probably agree that there are many exciting things you can do with the Processing programming language. ProCon adds one more exciting thing: the ability to remote control your Processing programs over wifi from your Android phone.

SensoMin: SensoMin is a small app that lets you play theramin-type sounds on your Android device. It allows you to play sine, square and sawtooth waveforms, and add a harmonic sound of the same or different waveform. It's free and fun to play.