Guitar Practice Lite for Android devices

Guitar Practice Lite.

Guitar Practice Lite is a small guitar that fits in your Android mobile device. It allows you to practice playing melodies when on the move, and may help you learn to play the guitar. You can play in single touch mode on older non-multitouch Android devices, or even for easy practicing on the move. However, if you have a multitouch capable Android device you can change to multitouch mode via your menu button, whuch provides a more realistic guitar experience that allows you to play chords and even pluck multiple strings simultaneously. If you have any trouble working out how to play Guitar Practice Lite you can also find the help screen by pressing your menu button.

Guitar Practice Lite requires at least Android OS v1.6 to run, although much newer devices are recommended to take full advantage of their multitouch features. You can press the menu button on your Android device to access the about and settings screens. The settings allow you to adjust the volume, as well as adjust the sound balance to pan it left or right for use with stereo headphones and speakers. You can also vary the note playback speed which allows for some nice effects and adjustment of the pitch of each string. The settings also allow you to adjust the guitar neck width and position, as well as allowing you to vary the string spacing. All settings are persistent and so will be reloaded each time this app is run.

Guitar Practice Lite also has g-sensor (accelerometer) sound effects. You can use the g-sensor to control the volume, playrate, or stereo pan and you can select which from the guitar menu. You can also change the speed of the g-sensor sampling, to make even more interesting effects, in the audio menu. Plus you can change the look and feel of Guitar Practice Lite too, using the skin chooser menu. There's even a note learner skin that helps you learn to play, as well as a glitch art skin, plus others to suit your taste.

This app is Copyright 2010-2011 Andrew Thomas. No warranty is provided even of merchantability.


23rd May 2011. v1.4. Multitouch mode added. Help screen added.

25 March 2011. v1.3. Accelerometer (g-sensor) sound effects added. Added link to full version in menu.

12th March 2011. v1.2. Electric guitar samples added. Skin chooser added (inc. glitch skin by Antonio).

11 Feb 2011. v1.1. Package name changed. Compatibility improved to cover Android v1.6+ devices. Graphics changed. Persistent settings added. Plucked note highlighting added.

23 Jan 2011. v1.0. First version upload, for Android 2.1+ devices only.