DiaboliMaze Demo for Android v2.1+ WVGA Tablets

DiaboliMaze Demo Level 2 gameplay.

This is a fully playable demo of a maze game called Diabolimaze. It lets you play the first three levels absolutely free. The idea is to collect as many stars, in the shortest possible time, in order to achieve the highest possible score. It's a retro-feel game with sound effects, and gets quite difficult in the later levels of the full version.

Diabolimaze requires Android OS v2.1 or higher to run, and is designed for tablet devices so you must have a WVGA screen for it to work properly (i.e. 800x480 pixels). Slightly larger displays (e.g. 800x600 pixels) should be fine too as the graphics will centre themselves on the available area.

If you like Diabolimaze Demo, why not take a look at www.geocomputing.co.uk and the associated Twitter feed (@geocomputer).


4 Feb 2011. v1.1. Fixed GetJar device compatibility listing. Added third playable level.

20 Jan 2011. v1.0. First version upload.